About Us

Inspired by haute cats named Ripley, Stanley, Annabella and Mabelline, as well as fabu-dog Fiona, petEnVogue.com was developed by a couple of pet enthusiasts named Mav and Mim for a few reasons:

1. We have created the WORLDWIDE RUNWAY for your fashion-clad pets.
Pet fashion is loud, proud, fabulous, sometimes confusing, but it is here to stay! We derive a huge amount of joy showing off our pets…don’t you? We wanted to create a worldwide platform for all these fabulous pets rocking all kinds of fashion; on top of that, you can vote for your favorites in our monthly contest: the petEnVogue Fashion Plate Award, where your pet can win an amazing prize and perhaps become an internet sensation, or even better, get a grant from Oprah. As the monthly winner, the rescue of your choice will also receive a donation from petEnVogue!

2. petEnVogue is your resource for the top 5 pet products currently available – in fashion and more!
There are so many pet sites, products and quite frankly, CRAP out there that we wanted to create a single website where you can not only see and vote on the latest and greatest pet fashion shots from all over the world, but have access to a catalogue featuring the 5 Best Products in different categories from dresses to beds to airline approved carriers. At petEnVogue, we research the best products available and narrow it down to the Top 5 – this is an ongoing process so check back often. Also, you’re instrumental to this process! You can help us by sharing your own products and discoveries, in addition to writing reviews. You never know – your honest review may get enough replies to get you a sweet reward from the petEnVogue prize vault!

3. petEnVogue is committed to helping pets in need.
10% of what petEnVogue makes every month will go to a different local pet rescue. The winner of our Monthly petEnVogue Fashion Plate Award will chose which rescue will receive these funds. As we are not an online store, we only make money from our affiliate programs and as the popularity of our site grows, we anticipate some advertisers. That said, if you buy one of our recommended products, in some cases we get a small percentage, in other cases we don’t make anything – the point is to expose you to the 5 Best products in that particular category, not what is the most profitable for us. Integrity is never compromised.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!

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