Dog Gone Smart Cat Bed

Dog Gone Cat Bed
Dog Gone Cat Bed

This bed makes our 5 Best in the kitty department for a few reasons. We love that this is an eco-friendly product and has a non-toxic finish called NanoSphere, which is very resistant to liquids, dirt, grime and oil, reduce the spread of bacteria (resists odor and helps the spread of bacterial infections if yours is a multi-pet home). It’s deep, cozy and gives your cat the comfort and privacy they want. Yes, you can get $9.99 beds at a big box store (more like a litter box store!), but if you’re going to make a one-time bed investment for your cat (or even a small dog), that will stay durable after tons of washes, stink-free amd is au-natural, this is the one.


Price: $79.99$67.99
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