Category: Contest 02 – Halloween 2013 – Entry

Jax 0


Owner: Dawn S. Pet’s Name: Jax About: Jax typically loves being in the center of attention, but when the camera came out, he developed a case of Mad Cow disease! City: Bremerton, WA Pet...

Ryder 0


Owner: Dawn Pet’s Name: Ryder About: When we rescued Ryder several months ago, he was skinny and had some serious health problems. You would never be able to tell that today, as he the...

Jessie 0


Owner: Cassandra A. Pet’s Name: Jessie About: This is my favourite little girl, Jessie, dressed as Marilyn Monroe. She isn’t very happy to dress up but the kids trick or treating loved it! City:...

Jake 0


Owner: Steve S. Pet’s Name: Jake About: Jake loves his vinyl football so we decided to dress him as “Jake Favre”. He is making another comeback! City: Murfreesboro, TN Pet Rescue: Bull Terrier Rescue

Biscuit 0


Owner: Darlene C. Pet’s Name: Biscuit About: This is Biscuit and he is wearing a Buzz Lightyear costume! Don’t I look cute?! Please vote! City: Pomona, CA Pet Rescue: The Inland Valley Humane Society

Gryphon 0


Owner: Bonnie A. Pet’s Name: Gryphon About: Gryphon is a character from the game Candyland. He is King Kandy, sitting in front of his Candy Castle. City: Plainview, NY Pet Rescue: Little Shelter

Phoenix 0


Owner: Beth A. Pet’s Name: Phoenix About: Phoenix is dressed as a character from the game Candyland. He is Princess Lolly, surrounded by the Lollipop Woods. City: Plainview, NY Pet Rescue: Little Shelter

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