5 Ways to Raise Funds for your Favorite Animal Rescue

At this time of year everyone is feeling a bit more generous. People are friendlier, people will smile, people are bouncing their jingle bells…actually who are we kidding? Most people are over-worked, tired and cranky. This, my friends, is PRECISELY the reason more people need to adopt a pet. That said, for pets awaiting their forever homes, there are lots of amazing rescues out there doing amazing things to provide for love-filled animals. There are cool ways like the concept behind #Giving Tuesday, where The Loft Cinema (which is a non-profit organization in Tucson) is offering the use of their 500-seat theatre for 3 hours to a deserving non-profit rescue or organization as determined by a panel of judges; or the Atlanta Pet Rescue’s calendars full of cute adoptable animals. That said, there are some creative things you can do for your favorite local rescue. Here’s a few suggestions for you:

1. Rent a Santa Suit and Take Pet Photos!

In addition to their amazing Christmas Giving Tree initiative, Boston Terrier Rescue Canada did an event recently where a volunteer (yes, that’s our very own Mav!) dressed up as Santa to take photos with pets for donations and raised quite a few bucks for some deserving Bostons. Rather than hire a photographer, encourage folks to bring their own cameras! Promote the event via your rescue’s newsletter, website, Facebook, Twitter, carrier pigeon…whatever you need to do to attract attention, DO IT! Volunteers get to have a blast creating a fun event that appeals to pet lovers of all ages and your costs are limited to the rental of a Santa suit (or get a recycled one at a thrift store…just make sure it doesn’t smell like an old bar or your Santa may get peed on).

2. Win PEV’s Contest – flaunt your pet’s cuteness & uniqueness and WIN a donation for your favorite rescue!

Of course we’re going to plug our contest here! You submit your pet’s photo, then simply share (or pimp…depending on how you roll) your personalized link with every Tom, Dick & Harry you know and get them to vote for your pet. The pet with the most votes at the end of the contest wins a fabulous prize tailored to them, and a donation to the rescue of your choice. It’s the easiest fundraising you’ll ever do in your life…and you don’t even have to compromise your integrity! Hey, since you’re here, why not check out this month’s entries and vote?

3. Run a 50/50 Draw: Who doesn’t love winning money?



No, money doesn’t grow on trees, but a few extra bucks can buy something extra nice for your pet (Artisan treats? Organic catnip? Grey Poupon?) and maybe even a little something nice for you. Buying a lottery ticket is one thing, but the odds of winning are about as solid as “Pepper” from American Horror Story winning a beauty contest. With a 50/50 draw you have some pretty great chances of winning. Your only costs will be the actual tickets, and you can get them at any dollar store. Even better, make the tickets yourself on the computer and print them out on recycled paper. You win, your rescue wins, everyone’s happy…before you know it you’re shaking your booty and waving $1 bills around like you’re in your very own rap video.


4. Have a Silent Auction: Ask friends & rescue volunteers to contribute the prizes – or maybe even BE the prize!

You can do something creative like auctioning off a date with a sexy & single pet owner (someone like these ladies here) or you can also do a traditional silent auction: ask for prize donations from big pet food companies (Hills, Purina, Royal Canin), local businesses and companies where your friends and fellow volunteers work. You can snag some great stuff that will fetch a pretty penny at a silent auction. PS. Please don’t donate your old re-gifts like offensively pungent perfumed soaps from the dollar store shaped like Gollum-esque animals.

5. Get GRUMPY CAT to endorse absolutely ANYTHING you want to hock!

We’ve saved the best for last here. Who doesn’t know and love Grumpy Cat??? This cutie has mass media appeal comparable to Gangnam Style. He’s on Facebook, he Tweets, and let’s be honest: we’re all OBSESSED with him and his endearing quotes like “I had fun once. It was awful”. Everything Grumpy Cat touches turns to gold, which has been proven by the success of his line of merchandise available here. What Grumpy Cat DOESN’T want you to know (he’s too modest) is that thanks to his success he’s recently donated $1000 to various pet charities, including a $200 donation just the other day to the Arizona Animal Welfare League.

Okay friends, you now have some ideas…so get crackin’! Otherwise, we’ll be sending the “Ghost of Christmas Blahs” over to your house. In case you don’t know what he looks like, he looks something like this:

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